Obagi Professional C Serums 10, 15, 20 %

Which one is right for my skin type?

The Power of Vitamin C

The Obagi Professional C Serums come in 3 different concentrations so that they can treat a diverse range of skin types, conditions and needs.

L-ascorbic acid

All containing L-ascorbic acid which is the most powerful form of vitamin C it has the power to illuminate and brighten your skin.

Professional C Serum 10%

The first option available to you is the 10% serum which is designed to treat dry or sensitive skin types and is the weakest concentration of L-ascorbic acid in the C serum range.

Professional C Serum 15%

Mid way and you have the 15% serum which has been developed for most skin types.

Professional C Serum 20%

Finally, the strongest concentration in the range being 20% which is best suited to people with normal to oily skin. 


Key Benefits

  • Help strengthen antioxidant defense
  • Fights oxidative stressors
  • Helps your skin appear younger

How to Use

For best results apply 5 to 7 drops of the serum to your face on a daily basis after you have cleansed your skin. Use in the morning as part of your daily skincare routine. Can be used on the face, neck and chest.

Still need help?

Choosing the right concentration should now be clear to you if you know your skin type. If unsure, book in with a skincare consultation and we can discuss your skin in further detail to help identify which serum is best for you.


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